Favourite Snacks: September 2016

So I went shopping today and bought myself some Cookie Dough bites from the pound shop on a whim and they turned out to be amazing!!! So yeah here is a list of my top 4 fave snacks just to make you feel hungry

💠 “THE ORIGINAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH BITES” Little balls of cookie dough goodness covered in a chocolate type coating

💠  “BARRATT DIB DAB” Strawberry lolly with bag of sherbet

💠 “NIK NAKS” corn snacky thing

💠 “DORITOS” All the flavours of gorgeous crisps!!!

All these Snacks are available in the uk but if you are from another country I’m afraid you might have a bit more trouble finding them!

Feel free to comment your own guilty snacks, come on we all have them!




If any of you read my blogger: (mynattynatworld.blogspot.co.uk) then you’ll know that recently I’ve been watching a lot of zoellas old vlogmasses which has put me in a really Christmassy mood, it’s terrible I know as its only just September but I’m afraid I can’t help it. It doesn’t help the fact that I absolutely love Autumn and am so happy now it’s come (I am literally sitting on my couch with a blanket around me even though it’s sunny outside – that’s how mad I am)!

Anyway this got me thinking that I would love to attempt my own vlogmasses this year. There are some definite problem though which are stopping me;

– the point? Many people would ask what the point of me doing vlogmasses if no one watches them (bearing in mine that at the moment I get roughly 30 views per video)  but then again, at the moment at least, I’m using my blog and YouTube channel as a sort of diary to look back on in the future

– content? I am currently in college so the first half of my vlogmasses would be very boring and dull for me and the viewers, also I don’t have a lot of money so wouldn’t be able to go out as often as I wish I could which is a real bummer

Basically I could really use some help so if you reading this is feeling especially generous today then would you mind possibly either going to my YouTube channel and taking a look or commenting on this post your thoughts?

Much love xx