Blogmas Day 10: Glitter Berry Christmas mixers

Wow these posts are getting later and later. But you know as it’s Friday I thought that I would cater for those among us who do have good social lives by offering some pretty dang nice mixers. Now every year J2O bring out GLITTER BERRY around Christmas time which is the most magical drink I think I have ever seen! It’s flavoured with Grape, Cherry and spice (if that doesn’t say Christmas I don’t know what does) and every single “cocktail” below includes it. It’s pretty damn nice on its own though and limited edition so if you wanna try it HURRY UP AND FET YOUR HANDS ON ONE!
The non-alcoholics:

Perfect blended with lemonade or sparkling water for that added fizz so everyone can enjoy a cheeky Christmas concoction

The Alcopholics

Can also be mixed with Vodka, Tequila, Prosecco or pretty much anything to be honest. It’s an amazing way to get into the Christmas “spirit” – see what I did there!

I hope you enjoyed this short but “sweet” – get it? Get it? Sorry I’ll stop with the puns, this was not sponsored and please drink as responsibly as you can. Although let’s be honest it is Christmas so your entitled to let your hair down a bit!
Merry Blogmas!

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