Blogmas Day 12: Do they know it’s christmas?

Christmas Time, is a season of joy and celebration for many, it’s an opportunity for people to spend time with their family and friends that they may not typically see. It seems everyone is drinking steaming beverages and gorgeous food and overall just enjoying themselves snuggled up by the fire. But none of this is possible for a lot of people. Last year there were 3’500 people sleeping rough in England and in the USA 1.49 million people were in shelters and 578’000 were on the streets. That means no christmas dinner, drinks or presents for hundreds of thousands in the world and in 2015 it was estimated 1.6 billion people (thats nearly a third of the population) don’t have adequate housing.

Now I know that for many of you it can be frightening to approach someone on the street or you don’t think you can do anything about it. And thats fine, you don’t NEED to. But the problem is that due to the worlds unsteady economy and controversial politics it would be so easy for you reading this to end up without a home also. Then what?

This blog isn’t a plead for charity. Or a trick into your wallets. Its simply a message.

I, myself often become nervous around homeless people. I get anxiety because I dont know them and although I do feel alot of empathy for their position I feel useless, even if I do offer some money or food, how do I know what they will spent it on. I imagine this is how many of you feel also. But you don’t have to go anywhere near someone on the street to help. There are many charity’s around with the aim of giving someone the assistance they need to help them off the street. For example this year me and my Ranger’s group compiled a pile of food, made gifts and donated it to Turrel Trust which is a local charity which will spread the food out to lots of shelters to help feed those on the street at christmas ( )

All I ask is you don’t judge the person on the street because you have no idea how they got there or what they have been through, Thankyou for reading, Have a Merry Blogmas



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