Blogmas Day 19: My Christmas Day Outfit


ffs I missed it again, I am so, so sorry about the catasrphie which is Blogmas 2016. I dont know what’s happened, it all started off so well. My excuse for last night is, I forgot about it all day and then when I went out with my friends for a mini xmas quiz and party I suddenly remembered and asked my blogger friend (Amelia – to take apicture of what I was wearing as a little: what to wear at Christmas guide, nut then I proceeded to get a fair amount of alcohol in my system and well… the rest is history. So that is what I will do right now and we’re all gonna have to try to imagine that this blogpost went up yesterday, okay? On the upside, I did get round to filming a cheeky Vlog yesterday of a christmas Q and A whilst wrapping type thing. It may never see the light of day (YouTube) because im pretty sure what I filmed was a load of Sh**, but oh well.

Hello Friends today ( 😉 ) I am going to be sharing with you what I wore to a very casual Christmas meet up and what I thought would be a great idea to wear on Christmas Day aswell.

These are just basic skinny black jeans from New Look and a super soft Christmassy T-Shirt with 3D holly and different textured words from Matalan.

As it is cold outside I also put this gorgeously fluffy (on the inside) onesie from Tesco because I love the print and it’s christmas so you can get away with wearing one out and about…or ya know round a friends house for a quiz night.

There you go, thats the outfit I shall almost definetly be wearing come christmas day.

Merry Blogmas!



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