12 Days of Natsmas: Christmas Day in the life (9)

I mean…it’s pretty self explanatory

I know, I missed a day, Im sorry. However, I have realised that this now means we are on track now as I accidently started the “12 days” a day early, so now it means we’ll finish on christmas eve as planned. My math skills are clearly lacking.

7:30 – (not so) rudely awoken by my mother after my alarm failed.

7:45 – Actually got out of bed and went down stairs to a breakfast of Pain au Chocolat. Very nice, only ate one of them so hid the other in the bin because I was too full and in a rush.

*Cue a day if College “fun” with hardly any christmas events whatsoever.*

2:00 – Driving lesson, I’m pretty sure that my instructor was half an hour early but I may be wrong.

3:30 – Arrived home and had a drink – im not entirely sure why this took so long but…

4:00 – danced around my room whilst deciding what to wear to tonight’s christmas party – whoop, whoop.

Finally settled on a basic grey vest top (which was once my brothers) with a burgundy bralette. Plus my glittery skirt which many of you may have seen in my outfits blog post. And some tights and a grey, bobbly cardigan because it’s bloomin freezing.

4:30- carried on dancing even though I have to leave in 30 mins and have a naked face.

4:38 – finally started doing my make up (filmed a very quick get ready of me that should go on the YouTube Channel at some point!

5:10 – Left house late to pick up friend and take to other friends house

5:54 – began peeling and cutting veg at friends house ready for Friend xmas dinner, had in depth discussion about which way to slice carrots – settled on coins so there appears more!

6:32 – Veg all prepared and in saucepans on hob, ready to begin boiling. I have begin drinking cider at this point as the stress surrounding our hostess is not as contagious as it should be.

6:50 – My “Christmas Dinner” playlist begins and the three of us decide where we will sit on the table (together).

7:10 – Guests begin arriving, veg begins to boil and Cauli-broc is put in oven.

7:30 – Yorkshires arrive and most of the guests are here, many photos are taken by our hostess’ Christmas tree – drinks are in full swing at this point. As some guests are really quite late (and are bringing the pigs in blankets and Potatoes) the veg and oven are turned waaaayyyyy down.

7:55 – food is all dished up and as we begin eating the final guests arrived with the (pre -cooked, thankfully) food.

8:00 – crackers are pulled, jokes are told, life is good.

9:10 – I make a (slightly drunken) speech thanking hostess and cooker and then everyone begins chanting meaning I have to finish off a bottle of lambrini- bad idea. We then open our secret santas – I recieve: Hot Chocolate, Cocktail mixers, another bottle of lambrini and some slipper socks – lovely!

9:50 – after a (not so) quick bathroom and smoke break we begin our quiz after being randomly genorated into teams – that somehow made every couple into the same team accidentally.

10:40 – the quiz is over, my team one – somehow, even though i could see entirely well by this point. We spend the next 20 mins dancing to everyones fave songs (including mans not hot – i mean wow *sarcastic*)

11:10 – we head home and I stumble up to bed, slightly sick and spinning. This is what happens when a party finishes early- you reach your drunk peak when you arrive home – sad really.

Anyway, that was my Christmassy day

I hope you enjoyed that little outlook into my life – this is not a typical day but was very special as I got to celebrate the holidays with my closest friends and eat a hella lot of food

Merry Natsmas!



12 Days of Natsmas: Christmas Cocktails and Mocktails (8)

FUN FACT: I Love mixing drinks and so can regularly be found being to mixologist at the party making a deadly concoction that will make you very drunk, very quickly (mostly because you drink it like water cause it tastes so good and then suffer the consequences later once you realise the strength of it!) So anyway, this blog post is going to be LIT! *cringe*

Each of these are equally delicious with or without alcohol, all the recipes listed are with alcohol but if you take away that it can still be enjoyed soberly. I cannot take credit for all of these at all as most are recipes taken from else where and then edited for clarification and general accessibility. If you make any of them … sorry.
Side note – add ice to all of these as it just makes it better – even if it is a little cold for winter
First up is one I have forgotten the name of and so shall be called “Rouge Reindeer” for some Christmas cheer.
a sliced orange
30 ml – cream of coconut
450 ml – cranberry juice
250 ml – pineapple juice
125 ml – peach schnapps
175 ml – vodka
The original version have over 4 L of liquid in it so I reduced this down a bit so it’s now just over 1L – a tad more manageable. however, if your lucky enough to go to or host a crazy rager then just times these measurements by 4 for an absolute full tub of “Rouge Reindeer”
Next up we have “Christmas Day Prosecco Punch” from KITCHEN SANCTUARY but I have made a slight change to it so if you want to see the original¬†click here
This again is for a large portion so i have halved the recipe
2 Clementines
50 g – Cranberries
40 g – pomegranate seeds
1 limes juice
some fresh mint leaves (whatever ya like)
250 ml – Orange Juice (it says clementine but, life, who has that lying around?)
350 ml – Pomegranate Juice
half a bottle of Prosecco (or a whole one if you like the fizz or more if you dont want the voddy)
150 ml – Vodka
1 L – Cranberry Juice
Now for something a bit more fancy, because we like a bit of class, here on Natsmas.
We have the “Santa Claus – Mopolitan” from Blue Ribbon Kitchen (full recipe here)
This is one the other end of the Spectrum as only makes a glass (I think) so I had to increase the amount of liquid volume!
470 ml – Cranberry Juice
470 ml – Peach Juice
110 ml – Triple Sec
55 ml – Vodka
For a more crazy looking one we have “Jack Frost”, I have no idea who created this fantastic concoction as the recipe I have in anonymous…oh well – edited by me again
470 ml – Pineapple Juice
130 ml – Blue curacao
130 ml – Light rum
130 ml – cream of coconut
a tin of pineapple slices (small one – preferably chopped but up to you really)
Finally, A cocktail I CANNOT BELIEVE EXISTS! It is the Essex Cocktail. I found it on ehow many moons ago and have wanted to make it since, but to be honest – am too scared (edited again)
150 ml – Lemon Vodka
150 ml – Vodka
150 ml – Peppermint Liqueur
150 ml – Blackberry Schnapps
Yep – if you make this one RIP, but do tell me how it went…if you can remember…after recovering…3 days later…
Merry Drunken Natsmas!