12 Days of Natsmas: Christmas outfits for all occasions (5)

Hello my dears,

Today we shall be delving into the fortress that is my Wardrobe where I shall select for you a range of outfits for the christmas period, suitable for a range of occasions; formal, party, work and casual.

Be warned: I am not a model, I do not have a decent camera phone so used my semi decent camera that is having an off day annoyingly, so…yeah…

Up First is our “out out” attire which is this little sequin dress that I wore to a New Years Eve party last year, I think it embodies this time of year and all the celebration it brings, because, lets be honest…you can never have too much glitter and sparkle!

This gorgeous dress is originally from New Look and I bought it to begin with to wear to my prom after party, so it does hold a lot of good memories.

Next we have this lil outfit which is probably one of my favourite looks in this collections of pics. After seeing a picture on pinterest ages ago i’ve been looking for an entirely glittery skirt and I stumbled on this one whilst following my mum around a charity shop. It truly is a gem and is now one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. I love the colours and style and it isnt too short on my ridiculously long legs which i must say is hard to fine normally. The skirt is from H&M (one of my favourite highstreet stores) and the jumper i paired it with has been in my life a long ass while, which is shocking as it’s from Primark, and…their stuff dont usually last too long – still lovely, years later.

 Now we come to this little Christmas Sweat that I bought in the January sales last year at Peacocks. I just think it’s so simply festive and it not so crazy that you cant wear it with anything. Today I chose to pair it with my basic Skinny black jeans from Matalan, I do think this is a very versatile sweat tho so Im gonna have a bit of fun switching it up.

 My brother tried to persuade me not to buy this jumper (mostly because it’s an XL and im a solid M) but it was reduced to £5 in Peacocks so I could not resist. The brown shade is actually glittery threat meaning it also adds a little magic to your normal wardrobe, perfect for this time of year! You can dress it up a bit to go out in or as part of your day-to-day wardrobe. Either way it is comfy and not too thick so doesn’t overheat you.

We now move on to outer wear with this gorgeous, formal coat that I got from New Look actually on my birthday last year. I have been sporting pretty much every day, with any outfit (because it’s freezing atm). You can literally wear it with any outfit and immediately smarten yourself up.

 I knew I needed to add a poncho to my collection last year and when I saw this one in Matalan, i immediately fell in love with the colours. I love wearing grey and the extra added burgandy and teal colours grabbed me. Super warm, but not entirely practical.

 Speaking of practicality – DO NOT WEAR THIS AT DINNER! Literally, those tassles go in everything. This is a super cute poncho all the same thought and this one is from Dorothy Perkins (get me). V FESTIVE!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that little look into my wardrobe – AND LIFE. And I hope you were able to fine some inspiration in all of this – let me know your fave outfit of your own or pick one of mine, i’d love to see what you face the winter chill in!

Merry Natsmas!



Blogmas Day 19: My Christmas Day Outfit


ffs I missed it again, I am so, so sorry about the catasrphie which is Blogmas 2016. I dont know what’s happened, it all started off so well. My excuse for last night is, I forgot about it all day and then when I went out with my friends for a mini xmas quiz and party I suddenly remembered and asked my blogger friend (Amelia – http://swiftbooks13.blogspot.com/) to take apicture of what I was wearing as a little: what to wear at Christmas guide, nut then I proceeded to get a fair amount of alcohol in my system and well… the rest is history. So that is what I will do right now and we’re all gonna have to try to imagine that this blogpost went up yesterday, okay? On the upside, I did get round to filming a cheeky Vlog yesterday of a christmas Q and A whilst wrapping type thing. It may never see the light of day (YouTube) because im pretty sure what I filmed was a load of Sh**, but oh well.

Hello Friends today ( 😉 ) I am going to be sharing with you what I wore to a very casual Christmas meet up and what I thought would be a great idea to wear on Christmas Day aswell.

These are just basic skinny black jeans from New Look and a super soft Christmassy T-Shirt with 3D holly and different textured words from Matalan.

As it is cold outside I also put this gorgeously fluffy (on the inside) onesie from Tesco because I love the print and it’s christmas so you can get away with wearing one out and about…or ya know round a friends house for a quiz night.

There you go, thats the outfit I shall almost definetly be wearing come christmas day.

Merry Blogmas!


Blogmas Day 11: Pinterest Christmas Outfit Ideas

Today my lovelies I bring to you my favourite Pinterest outfit ideas for the winter/Christmas season. I have complied them into 3 sections; casual, party and pj…I feel like I should’ve used alliteration hang on…parenthetical (googled synonyms). Here are your parenthetical, party and PJ outfits for the season.

Parenthetical: For the everyday

Cute, family friendly outfit, may be a bit boring for some bit I think it’s sweet

The basic outfit everyone wears at Christmas but still manages to look chic on models. I’m sure you’ll be wearing this anyway but it’s always a great staple

This again is another outfit you’ll see around this season but I absolutely loved the jumper and think the colour simply sums up winter and Christmas in one

Party: Christmas parties are coming which mean embarrassing drunkedness and general jolliness

I absolutely love this look, which is why I’m on the hunt for a glittery skirt (if you see one while on your Christmas shop do let me know)

This is another sparkly number (amaxing everyone gets their sequins out at Christmas) and I will definitely be wearing a silver version of this at New Year’s Eve

The sparkly skirts return this time with a black blouse, I love how the constrast each other is well, would look amazing at a Christmas meal

ANOTHER SPARKLY SKIRT! This time paired with the perfect accessories which if course you can change up depending on the event your attending. I especially love the bag!

PJ’s: come on now I could hardly do a winter wardrobe without including the staple outfit choices for most of us when it’s cold outside

Kicking it off is some Victoria Secret pjs (not as sexual as you would imagine) I love these and they are the perfect vintage Christmas pattern

This is probably my favourite Pajama set cause I just love the colour and the little gingerbread man print!

Of course I also had to include some onsies and this one is simply adorable. The picture makes the material look amazingly fluffy that I just want one now!!!

This one is a bit more of a sophisticated onesie (note I said “bit”) I just love the patterns and print so much and think the colours would suit anyone

That concluded my little Pinterest haul. I hope you enjoyed it as I absolutely love Pinterest and am a tiny bit addicted to it so if you wish to follow me my name is: @natschats (be warned I have 6.7k pins). Love you lots, Merry Blogmas one and all


How To Survive: Black Friday

Now, I may live in the UK, so our Black Friday’s are not as extreme as some places (ahem America) but us Brits do like to shop, we just do it in a much safer manner…normally. But on Black Friday it seems that our stereotypical calm and collected behaviour goes out the window. So with that in mind, this is your guide on how to make it through…

If you’ve been living under a rock you may not have noticed that the Black Friday Deals have already started, which is odd as Friday is tomorrow, but I guess the shops think that this way they can spread out the chaos instead of packing it all in one day (messy).

But to start off my Help Guide, I should really explain what this mystical day entails…

According to Wikipedia “Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November). Since 1932, it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S., and most major retailers open very early (and more recently during overnight hours) and offer promotional sales”

So yeah… now ya know,

This is for those of you that dont want anything to do with Black Friday:

STAY AWAY!!! My only advice for you people is to steer clear of any shopping that day (come on its just one day) and I wouldnt make any plans to go out cause you just know the roads will be jammed with holiday shoppers. So just use it as an excuse to stay in Friday night (we all knew you were anyway).

For those who want to shop still but dont want any human contact what so ever (#same)

Here are my top websites to shop on Friday:
  • Superdrug – daily deals until Tuesday (upto 60% off) as well as loads of other deals/bundles and free stuff!!!
  • ASOS – 20% off EVERYTHING with the code: GOGOGO and free worldwide delivery!
  • Debenhams – No VAT on anything and upto 50% on clothing plus loads of other dealerino’s!
  • Amazon – SO.MANY.DEALS!
  • John Lewis – arent even revealing their deals till tomorrow (so you know they’re gonna be sweeeeet)
  • Forever 21 – They’ve been very hush hush about this but it turns out that on top of their already amazing sales, they’ve added another 30% off!!!
  • H&M – 50% off!
  • New Look – Up to 50% off (but just go online anyway just to see their amazing website banner XD)
  • Top Shop – Up to 50 % off … Im sensing a trend here…but they have free shipping too so…
And Im guessing all your other favourites will have, oh i dunno… up to 50% off?

For those braving the storm:

Good Luck!
There are gonna be some amazing deals on the highstreet and in shopping centres so you’re sure to save a lot of money but my tips for you are:
  • Make sure you actually want to buy the item, (your not just buying yourself a TV cause it 80% off when you already have a bigger and better one at home)
  • Dont get Stressy, if you know you hate shopping, large crowds or disorder then dont chance it and if you can feel yourself getting uncomfortable, LEAVE! There will be thousands of sales throughout the years so you’re not gonna miss out oo much
  • Remember to eat and drink (seriously of you faint infront of a 90% off electronics deal there is a good chance you will be trampled)
I hope this helped and whatever you’re planning to do tomorrow I hope you have a great time. Stay safe everyone and good luck!
P.s. Remember to tell me all your SWEET DEALS!
P.p.s. Sorry if your working tomorrow – sending even more luck!