Blogmas Day 5: My Top TV Shows

I am a Magpie,

I just realised today that a fellow blogger friend of mine is doing Blogmas! And literally I am stealing it from her…I am so sorry A! I have no idea why I never thought of it before? If you’ve read some of my other post’s you’ll notice that I was toying with the idea of Vlogmas but knew I wouldnt have anything to actually film…

I’ve had this blog for over 2 years now and eventhough I know I havent been great at updating you guys I feel like it a great way to document my life. So from this day till christmas day I PLEDGE:

I will upload a blog post every single day!

So this if the first post (even if it is 5 days late)

My Top TV Show Picks:

As it’s the festive season you may find yourself being more and more tempted to instead of going out and socialising, simply staying in and binge watching miscellaneous TV shows (especially the christmas specials) here is a list a have compiled for those of you who are a little stuck on what to watch this holiday season.

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S – this will forever be a favourite of mine. My eldest brother first got me into it as he was obsessed and has the full box set. Its all about a group of Friends really (clues in the name) who live in New York and get into some hilarious and often very relate able situations. You will fall in love with the characters and are assured to laugh at some point in each episode.
  • SUBURGATORY – This amazing show is all about a teen girl who moved out of her beloved city to the suburbs. You follow her as she leads the life of a city girl in a suburb town. She goes to a new school, and tackles love, freindships and family. But dont be confused this is not your typical main girl character…like seriously she’s pretty kick ass!
  • GLEE – an absolute classic! If you love singing and dancing then you’ll love this show. Its all about a singing group in a high school and all the members juggling growing up whilst trying to win their next competition.
  • SKINS – This may be a little less tame (drugs/alcohol/sex included) but I think it’s fantastic for those of you aged 16 – 18 as you may be experiencing the same types of things. The series is all about a group of friends going through their college years in the UK (that’s 16-18 year old’s fyi) and although I wouldn’t recommend you copying a lot of their actions its a great programme and you find yourself getting attached to characters you would never dream of talking too in real life.
  • MISFITS – A slightly more tamer version of SKINS but with the added twist of…superpowers…yeah I know sounds lame. But seriously after I finished Skins there was a whole in my life I never thought I wouldn’t fill but then I was recommended this and OMG. Its seriously addictive! (Nathan = Bae [if you know, you know]).
  • MIRANDA – Miranda Heart will forever be my favourite comedian and I feel like around the Christmas season you need a good chuckle to warm up. There is a serious overdose of British comedy where you follow a woman and her friends and family as she tries to get through life. This is definitely my favourite out of all these to watch at Christmas as it is very family friendly so you can invite your whole clan round to join you in hysterics. 

I am aware that all of these are pretty old and im pretty sure none of them are being created anymore but that means you can finish the whole series’ without panicking about cliffhanger’s.

I hope you enjoyed these and I shall see you tomorrow!