Let’s start again… again

Ok I know it's been like 5 months but what can I say, I'm a busy gal. But for a very special treat I've decided to add something new to our NatsChats world… AN INSTAGRAM PAGE!!!
I feel like a terrible parent who is buying their child gifts to make up for the fact they're never around but I have my reasons.
Not only is this a great way for you guys to keep up to date on what's going on in my world. It also gives me motivation to update the old blog aswell. So if you fancy checking it out you hav have a cheeky look at my first EVER post now on @NatsChatsTV on Instagram.

Since I recently had a bit of a shopping trip (ok splurge), I'm thinking of doing a little haul to show what I have spent all my money on 😳. Oh well, those of you who like fashion and well… being nosey, stay tuned!

See you soon (I promise)
Natalie xx


: new Years Resolutions and Newness

Welcome Back Everyone! I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and New Years! I know I’ve taken a bit of the break since Blogmas but I just haven’t really had the time with all the other work and such I’ve been doing.

To start of this post I’ll just keep you up to date with what I’ve been doing since we last spoke:

  •  My Christmas was pretty good but I feel like it all went way too quickly. Plus working over Christmas kinda bought down my festivities a bit but oh well. I got loads of lovely presents which may not have been particular luxurious of expensive but were just perfect fir me really as I didn’t really ask for anything so just received a few bits an bobs including some adorably little desk lights. I may do another (very belated, I know) blog post on some favourite Xmas prezzies i received if you would like that.
  • My contract ended with my job and (because they’re pretty stupid and overstaffed at Christmas) they didn’t keep anyone on But oh well, plenty more jobs I can try.
  • I had an amazing NYE party which even included a cheeky sleepover that night. In the morning our hung over selves watch The Princess and The Frog because we woke up at about 6/7 am. Yeah very little sleep was experienced that night.
  • I made and uploaded to YouTube a “My 2016” video showing all the highlights in chronological order.
  • I have done a lot of January Sales shopping and this past Saturday I bought 2 dresses from New Look (one of which was £1!)
  • I have had to do a lot more revision for my exams and am currently taking a few mock exams.

Next off I’ll tell you my new Years resolutions for this year (as some of you may know I did pretty well in my resolutions last year so lets see how this one goes):

  • This year I only have one resolution. To do more! I know that I did in fact get up to quite a lot last year but I felt like I spent most of my time sitting around doing nothing. I want to change this so I’ve decided to try and say YES more. This resolution has already come into play as I have agreed to go out to places more and I have already found that when you go out on a Friday (after work or school or whatever it is you do) it makes your weekend last a whole lot longer! Like I’ve found that if I do something on a Friday night the next day I assume its Sunday when I have a whole other day more to go before its back to work on Monday. Since the beginning of the year I have also decided to re start a diary/journal type thing. I am writing in it every few days and although I have never been able to stick to one before I hope I can change it around this year!

Now for the Newness:

I was quite proud of myself for my Blogmas (even though I did mess up a few times) and I do really love Blogging and Vloging and so I have made the courageous decision to upload more. So may I introduce to you… NATSCHATS TUESDAYS! From this day forward I will upload a Blog post every week on a Tuesday (at roughly 5pm GMT – 9 am PST). I know this doesn’t seem like an amazing breakthrough or anything but at least this way I’ll be a bit more organised and have something to aim for. I hope that you will all join me on my weekly entries as I really do appreciate every single person that reads this. Though we may be few, we are mighty. Or we mighty few…im sure that some kind of famous quote. I will warn you now, I am a very reliable person in real life but I have a horrific memory (believe me I take psychology) but that is no excuse as what we have here on NatsChatsTV is a family and of course FAMILY COMES FIRST so I am giving you full permission to nag me and shout abuse at me if I neglect you and/or forget a blog post. Literally if anyone Tweets me or comments on my Instagram or even slides into my DMs and mentions my blog post for this week I will get straight back on it I promise!

Speaking of which if you want to follow or add (or whatever you kids do these days) my social media links are right here (#selfpromo)

Instagram: @nats_my_name

Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/natschats/

Blogger: http://natschatstv.blogspot.co.uk/

See you soon! Xx

Blogmas Day 11: Pinterest Christmas Outfit Ideas

Today my lovelies I bring to you my favourite Pinterest outfit ideas for the winter/Christmas season. I have complied them into 3 sections; casual, party and pj…I feel like I should’ve used alliteration hang on…parenthetical (googled synonyms). Here are your parenthetical, party and PJ outfits for the season.

Parenthetical: For the everyday

Cute, family friendly outfit, may be a bit boring for some bit I think it’s sweet

The basic outfit everyone wears at Christmas but still manages to look chic on models. I’m sure you’ll be wearing this anyway but it’s always a great staple

This again is another outfit you’ll see around this season but I absolutely loved the jumper and think the colour simply sums up winter and Christmas in one

Party: Christmas parties are coming which mean embarrassing drunkedness and general jolliness

I absolutely love this look, which is why I’m on the hunt for a glittery skirt (if you see one while on your Christmas shop do let me know)

This is another sparkly number (amaxing everyone gets their sequins out at Christmas) and I will definitely be wearing a silver version of this at New Year’s Eve

The sparkly skirts return this time with a black blouse, I love how the constrast each other is well, would look amazing at a Christmas meal

ANOTHER SPARKLY SKIRT! This time paired with the perfect accessories which if course you can change up depending on the event your attending. I especially love the bag!

PJ’s: come on now I could hardly do a winter wardrobe without including the staple outfit choices for most of us when it’s cold outside

Kicking it off is some Victoria Secret pjs (not as sexual as you would imagine) I love these and they are the perfect vintage Christmas pattern

This is probably my favourite Pajama set cause I just love the colour and the little gingerbread man print!

Of course I also had to include some onsies and this one is simply adorable. The picture makes the material look amazingly fluffy that I just want one now!!!

This one is a bit more of a sophisticated onesie (note I said “bit”) I just love the patterns and print so much and think the colours would suit anyone

That concluded my little Pinterest haul. I hope you enjoyed it as I absolutely love Pinterest and am a tiny bit addicted to it so if you wish to follow me my name is: @natschats (be warned I have 6.7k pins). Love you lots, Merry Blogmas one and all