Let’s start again… again

Ok I know it's been like 5 months but what can I say, I'm a busy gal. But for a very special treat I've decided to add something new to our NatsChats world… AN INSTAGRAM PAGE!!!
I feel like a terrible parent who is buying their child gifts to make up for the fact they're never around but I have my reasons.
Not only is this a great way for you guys to keep up to date on what's going on in my world. It also gives me motivation to update the old blog aswell. So if you fancy checking it out you hav have a cheeky look at my first EVER post now on @NatsChatsTV on Instagram.

Since I recently had a bit of a shopping trip (ok splurge), I'm thinking of doing a little haul to show what I have spent all my money on 😳. Oh well, those of you who like fashion and well… being nosey, stay tuned!

See you soon (I promise)
Natalie xx


Well Hello There…


Im Natalie and Welcome to my first ever post on this blog. I think I should start off by saying a bit about myself: I’m a teen girl who’s in that awkward stage in everyone’s life where they have to think about the dreaded F word. Thats right FUTURE!!! My main focuses should technically be revising so I can get the best possible grades…but there’s just one slight problem…

…I dont want to. I understand that its important for the next stage in your life but there are so many other things I’d much rather be doing than sitting at my laptop and typing a…oh wait thats what im doing right now for fun. But you see its different, I actually enjoy writing and love knowing that other people might be reading. This is why I started blogging in the first place.

In my blog I will be talking about my life, keeping you up to date and hopefully giving you some useful life hacks in the process. If you have any suggestions of something else you want to see, feel free to leave me a message. Also I have no idea how this WordPress thing works so if anyone wants to…you know…HELP ME!!! Then it would be very much appreciated.

Anyway thats all for today, if you have any comments or questions im sure there is some sort of comment box or something like that (I havent worked that out yet…whoops). I WILL READ ALL NO MATTER HOW CRAZY YOU THINK THEY ARE!

See you soon

Love, Nats