Songs I’m loving #2


Remember that series of blogs I started where I would tell you my favourite songs i’m loving right now, new and old? Yeah me neither. Thats because I published the first post over a year ago!!! Jeez how time flies. Anyway here is your update of my favourite songs i’ve been listening to a hella lot recently:
“Work This Body” WALK THE MOON – this is such a dancy upbeat song that you could do some serious interpretive dancing to. It also love the cheeky french lyrics thrown in there.

“Geronimo” SHEPPARD – Catchy af (SAY GERONIMO!)

“You Da One” RIHANNA – Aww come on we all need some love in our lives

“Thirsty” Daya – OMG literally the sassiest song ive heard in so, so long. When you wanna fend off a F*ck Boy and embrase the beauty of single life. Sing this on a girls night and it is garunnteed to go down well with all your friends giving you the “OML YAAASSSS GURRRLLL” look.

“If I believe you” THE 1975 – I had a revelation (AAAAHHHHHH!)

“Castle On The Hill” Ed Sheeran – See I can be up and coming too! This song made me smile from the first time I heard it. Its so nostalgic and im sure anyone can relate to it from their childhood and old friends.

“Crazy Crazy Nights” KISS – Massive Throwback but such a good song. You literally cannot helo but sing alont no matter what age you are!

“Icarus” BASTILLE – You have to sing it passionately so I suggest maybe not listening to it in public. But when your driving in the car would be perfect (just please keep your eyes on the road).

I hope you enjoyed that little update into a big park of my life, music. If you would like to see what else im currently listening to my spotify is: I hope to see you all next week and please do give me any suggestions from your personal music faves. Keep Jammin! Xx

Blogmas day 8: My Christmas Playlist

Okay I’m gonna be honest. I spent all evening trying to put these into order but literally could not cause I love them all too much! So Ladies and Gentleman here is Natalie’s Ultimate Christmas Playlist 2016

  1. Do they know its Christmas time? – Band Aid (The original is obviously the best)
  2. Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidas – Michael Buble and Thalia (Im not even sure what they’re saying most of the time, but its just so damn jolly!)
  3. Fairy tale of New York – The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl (The song everyone sings when they’ve had too much mulled wine!)
  4. Literally the whole Nativity Soundtrack (You cant help but smile through their pre-adolescent voices)
  5. Wonderful Christmas time – paul mcartney (CLASSIC!)
  6. I wish it could be Christmas every day  – wizard (CLASSIC #2)
  7. Merry Christmas everyone – slade (CLASSIC #3)
  8. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber (Oh come on! It’s christmas you need a bit of cheese)
  9. Santa tell me – Ariana grande (I literally only discovered this song this week and it is now one of my favourites, its so catchy!!!)
  10. All I want for Christmas is you – Mariah Carey (All your girlfriends will form a group and belt this all night long)
  11. Step into Christmas – Elton john (CLASSIC #4)
  12. 8 days of Christmas – destinys child (Im gonna be honest I completely forgot about this little treasure and then rediscovered it recently #SlayQueens)
  13. Christmas (baby please come home) – Michael Buble (Me and my friends have been singing this constantly [it’s a great duet song btw])
  14. What Christmas means to me – stevie wonder (I also rediscovered this golden classic recently and just love its energy)
  15. Last Christmas – WHAM! (CLASSIC #5)
  16. One more sleep – Leona Lewis (I have no idea when this came out but I saw it on the music channel the other day and couldnt stop dancing and singing along)
  17. Baby its cold outside – Michael buble and idina menzel (This was drawing with the Tom Jones version but I gave intot his one due to its adorable music video!)
  18. Happy Christmas war is over – John Lennon and Yoko Ono (CLASSIC #6)
  19. Santa Claus is coming to town – Jackson 5 (Again with the jolliness OML!)
  20. Mistletoe and Wine – Cliff Richard (CLASSIC #7)
  21. Rocking around the christmas tree – Mel & Kim (When you fancy a dance…around the christmas tree?)
  22. Driving Home For Christmas – Chris Rea (Clues in the name)
  23. Stay another day – East 17 (Im gonna be honest, this is a terrible song, but its also amazing!)
  24. Stop the Calvary – Jona Lewie (I promise it is christmassy)
  25. It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Andy Williams (Classic #8)

I hope you enjoyed that little Playlist I created. If you want to listen you can find it on my Spotify (spotify:user:natnats14), its called Christmas if your having a bad day or something. This will hopefully get you feeling festive, Merry Blogmas!