Songs im lovin #3

Autumn is here once more, and you know what that means…



I’m joking, its means nothing. But today I’m going to give you an update of Songs I’m lovin!

Because I don’t know about you but i’m getting a bit bored of the same old songs being played over, and over, and over, and over again. I needs me some bangers. SO without further or do… here come the girls:

1) “Don’t pick up the phone you know he’s only calling cause he’s drunk and alone…”

JK, but this is the first song in my list – NEW RULES – DUA LIPA

I’m aware this song isn’t exactly revolutionary but its such a sassy song that you on the girls can dance to and makes me hate a boy I’ve never dated.


This again is a chart hit but its another sassy one and I had to include it because it holds such an important message. Women are allowed to be pretty as well as other things, it doesn’t stop with appearance.


OMG this sooooonnnggg, I cant believe i’ve never featured it in one of these before! Its one of my all time favourites and although is a bit more on the slower side, includes the most aesthetic lifestyle ever.

4) YOU/MILK  – THE 1975

My lovely Chummy made me listen to this ages ago and I eternally grateful. You is such a true to heart song that shows your worth and milk, well… I still wanna know why its called that tbf (probably some cool indie word I dont know).


So catchy and dancey, I loves it. It’s a little cheeky but in a very casual way, ugh I wish that was me. I’ve honestly never heard a more accurate representative of a drunk “couple”. (If you want more of this amaze balls band check out “Brooklyn” aswell”) WARNING: It will probably definitely get stuck in your head.


Wow. Just wow. By the end of this song I have no doubt  you’ll be screaming the lyrics to the chorus. It reminds me of mosh pit…but that stories for another day…


ugh his voice. Again I will never understand the titles or names of any indie thing ever – sounds good though.


Sounds so uplifting, and if you ignore the lyrics it is. Pretty cute still, pretty much sums up any young twenty somethings life… probably.


I will never know how to pronounce “haim” but YES they are still relevant and this song proves it with its catchy beat and chorus. You’ll be clicking/clapping in the chorus half way through because, for some reason, it reminds me of gospel music?


Yeah I know, random. But this is an absolute belta that is pretty much timeless by the looks of it.


Last but not least, his mum probably hates him. But he’s got the whole #yolo life down but he does put out a nice message, kind of.

There you go, 11 of my top tuneeessss at the mo. These will hopefully put you in a good mood, if not then i’m entirely to blame and im sorry so just get up and dance anyway.

If you want to listen to them all for free (or not if you have premium) I have created a lil Spotify playlist for ya’ll :

Arent I nice – dont answer that!

See ya’ll soon!



Songs I’m loving #2


Remember that series of blogs I started where I would tell you my favourite songs i’m loving right now, new and old? Yeah me neither. Thats because I published the first post over a year ago!!! Jeez how time flies. Anyway here is your update of my favourite songs i’ve been listening to a hella lot recently:
“Work This Body” WALK THE MOON – this is such a dancy upbeat song that you could do some serious interpretive dancing to. It also love the cheeky french lyrics thrown in there.

“Geronimo” SHEPPARD – Catchy af (SAY GERONIMO!)

“You Da One” RIHANNA – Aww come on we all need some love in our lives

“Thirsty” Daya – OMG literally the sassiest song ive heard in so, so long. When you wanna fend off a F*ck Boy and embrase the beauty of single life. Sing this on a girls night and it is garunnteed to go down well with all your friends giving you the “OML YAAASSSS GURRRLLL” look.

“If I believe you” THE 1975 – I had a revelation (AAAAHHHHHH!)

“Castle On The Hill” Ed Sheeran – See I can be up and coming too! This song made me smile from the first time I heard it. Its so nostalgic and im sure anyone can relate to it from their childhood and old friends.

“Crazy Crazy Nights” KISS – Massive Throwback but such a good song. You literally cannot helo but sing alont no matter what age you are!

“Icarus” BASTILLE – You have to sing it passionately so I suggest maybe not listening to it in public. But when your driving in the car would be perfect (just please keep your eyes on the road).

I hope you enjoyed that little update into a big park of my life, music. If you would like to see what else im currently listening to my spotify is: I hope to see you all next week and please do give me any suggestions from your personal music faves. Keep Jammin! Xx

Blogmas day 8: My Christmas Playlist

Okay I’m gonna be honest. I spent all evening trying to put these into order but literally could not cause I love them all too much! So Ladies and Gentleman here is Natalie’s Ultimate Christmas Playlist 2016

  1. Do they know its Christmas time? – Band Aid (The original is obviously the best)
  2. Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidas – Michael Buble and Thalia (Im not even sure what they’re saying most of the time, but its just so damn jolly!)
  3. Fairy tale of New York – The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl (The song everyone sings when they’ve had too much mulled wine!)
  4. Literally the whole Nativity Soundtrack (You cant help but smile through their pre-adolescent voices)
  5. Wonderful Christmas time – paul mcartney (CLASSIC!)
  6. I wish it could be Christmas every day  – wizard (CLASSIC #2)
  7. Merry Christmas everyone – slade (CLASSIC #3)
  8. Mistletoe – Justin Bieber (Oh come on! It’s christmas you need a bit of cheese)
  9. Santa tell me – Ariana grande (I literally only discovered this song this week and it is now one of my favourites, its so catchy!!!)
  10. All I want for Christmas is you – Mariah Carey (All your girlfriends will form a group and belt this all night long)
  11. Step into Christmas – Elton john (CLASSIC #4)
  12. 8 days of Christmas – destinys child (Im gonna be honest I completely forgot about this little treasure and then rediscovered it recently #SlayQueens)
  13. Christmas (baby please come home) – Michael Buble (Me and my friends have been singing this constantly [it’s a great duet song btw])
  14. What Christmas means to me – stevie wonder (I also rediscovered this golden classic recently and just love its energy)
  15. Last Christmas – WHAM! (CLASSIC #5)
  16. One more sleep – Leona Lewis (I have no idea when this came out but I saw it on the music channel the other day and couldnt stop dancing and singing along)
  17. Baby its cold outside – Michael buble and idina menzel (This was drawing with the Tom Jones version but I gave intot his one due to its adorable music video!)
  18. Happy Christmas war is over – John Lennon and Yoko Ono (CLASSIC #6)
  19. Santa Claus is coming to town – Jackson 5 (Again with the jolliness OML!)
  20. Mistletoe and Wine – Cliff Richard (CLASSIC #7)
  21. Rocking around the christmas tree – Mel & Kim (When you fancy a dance…around the christmas tree?)
  22. Driving Home For Christmas – Chris Rea (Clues in the name)
  23. Stay another day – East 17 (Im gonna be honest, this is a terrible song, but its also amazing!)
  24. Stop the Calvary – Jona Lewie (I promise it is christmassy)
  25. It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Andy Williams (Classic #8)

I hope you enjoyed that little Playlist I created. If you want to listen you can find it on my Spotify (spotify:user:natnats14), its called Christmas if your having a bad day or something. This will hopefully get you feeling festive, Merry Blogmas!